Hudson County marks major milestone at the Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex

Hudson County Executive Thomas A. DeGise and the Hudson County Improvement Authority today announced a major milestone in the construction of the Hudson County Honorable Frank J. Guarini Justice Complex with the first substantial concrete pour of the project. The new complex will replace the outdated Hudson County Administration Building at 595 Newark Avenue.

On July 28 – following the removal to date of over 31,384 cubic yards of soil and excavation and removal of 17,720 cubic yards of rock to construct the courthouse basement – contractors completed the first substantial concrete pour of the 3-foot-thick basement pressure mat.

“This major milestone underscores the County’s commitment to building a modern courthouse complex that will serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of the neighborhood,” said Hudson County Executive Thomas A. DeGise.

The new courthouse is named after former U.S. Congressman Frank Guarini, who donated a parcel of land for the project.

“I am deeply humbled and honored to be part of the new Hudson County Courthouse project,” said former Congressman Frank Guarini. “Our great county will benefit from this historic moment and lead the way for future generations to come.”

The pour of 2,055 cubic yards of concrete required over 200 concrete truck deliveries and 2 concrete pump trucks. Approximately 125 tons of steel rebar was also embedded in the concrete pour.

“We’re proud of the on-schedule progress we’re making and look forward to safely and efficiently completing this important project,” said Hudson County Improvement Authority CEO Norman Guerra.

The 18,500 square foot area poured represents 36% of the 51,400 square foot basement area. Subsequent pours are scheduled for August and September.

Approximately 100 construction workers are currently working on the site, with a projected peak of 300 workers as the project advances.

Additional project information, including renderings, a video, FAQ, signup form for project updates, and more, can be found at the project website,


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